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​​​2020 Member Health Survey Results

The Member Health Survey, conducted by the Division of Research for Kaiser Permanente Northern California (KPNC), provides a wealth of information on our member demographics, self-reported health status, health services and education utilization, and health-related behaviors.

The survey is conducted with a stratified random sample of English-speaking adult members who completed a mailed or online questionnaire. Details about the 2020 study sample and response rates can be found in the reports.

Note: The methods used to select the 2020 survey sample and create the weighting factors to the KPNC membership differ from those used previously. As a result, estimates from the 2020 survey are not directly comparable with th​ose from previous years.  

Reports Produced from the 2020 Survey

The following reports can be accessed by clicking on 2020 Survey Results in the sidebar:

  • Characteristics of Older Adults aged 65-90y in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region
  • Characteristics of Adults aged 25-90y in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Region

Please check back for additional reports and presentations based on this survey cycle.

Contact us

Check here for announcements of new reports that have been posted to the website. For more information about timing and topics or to make special requests for statistics based on Member Health Survey data, contact Nancy Gordon, Member Health Survey director, at:​